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mySircles is on a mission to connect parents to enhance a child's journey through school. Schools and PTAs can connect easily with the relevant parents in a timely way, by posting directly into a class, club, year level or across the whole school. This ensures information is shared with the relevant parents in a timely manner and parents can have everything to do with school in one place!

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"mySircles is a quick and efficient way for parents to communicate and connect with each other; to ask each other the kind of incidental questions they might ask each other at the school gates. Over the years Spinney parents have used their initiative to organise What’sApp and Facebook groups, so we know that the need for an APP like this is out there. However the challenge is that some of these social media platforms are not systems that a school is able to endorse as the ways that these can be used may not necessarily fit with our acceptable use policy or our values. mySircles seems like the perfect solution! This easily downloadable app allows parents to invite other parents to the group but with one parent possibly from the PTA starting things off and liaising with the school we can ensure that all the right information gets to our families quickly and easily when they need it. And best of all they can ask each other! It’s the wisdom of the crowd! We have decided to roll mySircles out across the school. We are really looking forward to getting going as mySircles fits so well with a number of our core Spinney values including Learning, Excellence and Community."

Rachel Snape
Head Mistress, The Spinney, Cambridge UK

"As a school we are always eager to maximise and simplify the ways we communicate with parents and we acknowledge that parent-to-parent communications are as valuable as school-to-parent communications for our broader school community. Revisions to Data Protection laws a number of years ago now prohibit us from distributing parent contact details as part of class lists. Therefore the development and implementation of apps designed to overcome this hurdle will be much welcomed by us at St Faith’s and no doubt throughout the education sector."

Brendan Mageean
Director of Communications, St Faith's, Cambridge UK

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