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Religious Organisations


Bringing together people of faith

Throughout history and across theologies, one of the most important aspects of faith is forming communities. Groups who worship together, strengthening their belief, and who support each other both spiritually and practically. Feeling connected is a vital human need, and being part of a religious community satisfies that need on a deep level.


The problem is, people no longer live and work within a few miles of their place of worship. Lives are less entwined than they once were and it’s not unusual for community members to be isolated. Truly caring for every member requires more than an occasional meeting, but it’s not easy to achieve that.

A truly flexible solution


mySircles is the perfect solution. Set up as many Sircles as you need. From large groups with all members in your area, to small groups for those who arrange flowers to discuss the latest displays. You can encourage real relationships to form by creating Sircles for groups such as young parents or teenagers, who might want to connect and support each other.


Your community can chat one-to-one, set up their own Sircles or choose to join other groups that they might be interested in. They stay in control and never have to give out personal details like their phone number or email address.

Immediate and meaningful connection


Reach your people where they are, as they go about their busy lives. Instead of emails lost in overflowing inboxes or left unopened for days, your message will be sent straight to their smartphone.


As networks grow and the community develops you might be surprised at the very real support offered, and the way faith can be deepened and restored.

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