Online Communities

Stop fighting algorithms and start connecting


Are you a business owner who runs masterminds, online courses or subscriptions?


Do you ever have clients tell you they’ve missed announcements, or can’t find content? It’s so easy for things to get lost on social media. Algorithms change all the time but the thing that stays constant is that only a small percentage of an audience see each post. Emails should be more reliable but they can end up in spam folders, or simply get missed in an overflowing inbox.


With so many messages fighting for our attention, how can you make sure your members hear from you?

Make your message unmissable


mySircles gives you a reliable platform, where your messages are sent straight to your member’s smartphones in the same way as a text or whatsApp message, making them unmissable.

Reach the right people at the right time


Set up as many Sircles as you want. You can divide your audience according to which programs they have joined, how long they have been members or anything else that works for you. Then message your whole audience, or just a few Sircles. 


Imagine sharing the links to new course content and knowing that everyone will not only see it, they will be able to go back and find all the previous links easily. No more messages asking for emails to be re-sent, everything is easy to find.


No more lamenting about missed calls because people didn’t see the event post, or can’t find the zoom link. Everything is sent directly to their smartphone and your community members can even send a quick message if they are running late.


Your members can also talk to each other directly and even form small Sircles of their own. Creating true communities where genuine friendships can grow and members can support each other, collaborate and work together.

Become a true community leader


One of the things people value most, as part of a community, is the opportunity to network and form both business relationships and friendships. While they may join in the hope of learning something new, it’s that human connection that keeps them coming back. 


Within mySircles you can allow your audience to connect one-to-one and form Sircles of their own. This means they build stronger communities where genuine friendships can grow and members support each other, collaborate and work together. Making you a true community leader, and them your loyal fans.