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Real communities make a real difference


Keeping in touch with your supporters isn’t always easy. It’s well known that people are more likely to become regular donors when they feel part of your community, identifying with your mission, seeing the good you do and even experiencing peer pressure as they watch other community members raising money. This sort of community feeling can’t be created by an occasional letter that might not be opened, or emails that get stuck in spam folders. It needs a more dynamic approach.


mySircles has been developed specifically to help you create that community feeling. Your donors can be added to your Sircles without sharing their personal information. You can then share the details of your current projects, how their donations are being used and any specific requests for help.

Looking beyond updates from head office


It is possible to have many smaller Sircles, perhaps connecting donors who live near each other or share a particular interest. This way members can collaborate on projects, from sponsored events to bake sales, making them bigger and better than one person might achieve alone.


Of course not all donations are in the form of money. mySircles can keep crafters in touch with each other, sharing patterns and encouraging each other to knit or sew the items you need. Or they can be used to keep a team in touch with each other as they coordinate donations of time. From planning schedules to sharing shopping lists, it can all be done in mySircles.

Making your mission unmissable


With mySircles, your messages are sent directly to your community member’s smartphones. Nothing gets sent to spam, and you aren’t at the mercy of social media algorithms. Whether you are sharing your latest triumph with the whole community, or a member of your committee? is letting the team know he’s running ten minutes late, you can be sure the message will get through.

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