A Simple Solution For Stressed Parents

Cambridge-based start-up mySircles is leading the way for parents with children at school, that want to ditch social media for a dedicated communication tool. Last week mySircles Kickstarter campaign was launched with the aim to raise enough funds to develop this platform for nationwide launch.

If you are a parent, chances are you will know what it feels like to face problems such as confusion over homework, struggling to contact other parents at school or finding out about your child needing a costume for World Book Day on World Book Day! It is frustrating and heart-breaking to watch your child suffer over homework or panic because you are running late for pick up.

The law prohibits schools from sharing contact details of other parents. This results in parents communicating using email, text, Facebook, chat, Whatsapp, Messenger; many parents use a combination of all of these and life can get very confusing. Everyone will have a preferred platform and so as people reach...

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