Babita Devi is runner-up for 2019 Techpreneur Awards at The House of Lords

It was a great honour for Babita Devi and mySircles to be nominated for the 2019 Techpreneur Awards taking place on 7 February 2019 at The House of Lords. The awards are intended to shine a light on women business owners in the tech industry which is something that owner of mySircles - Babita Devi is very passionate about.

The drive behind the awards is to celebrate women who are both working in an underrepresented industry and additionally running their own business. Both of these roles are currently dominated by men. These awards are recognition for role models that are making a change and acknowledgement and publicity for the work they are doing.

The six finalists very much deserve their place and are making waves in their sector:

Zsuzsa Mayer from Eco Sync was the youngest and first female laboratory manager at Oxford University. As a chartered engineer and scientist with an MSc in chemical engineering and PhD in renewable energy, she is more than qualified for this award. She...

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