How to Explain Terrorism to Your Child

The devastating attack at Arianna Grande’s concert in Manchester’s last week event has shocked the world and left us broken.  Comprehending what happened, targeting innocent people including young children, is difficult for adults to understand, but even more traumatic for children. Here are some ways to help your child deal with what happened:

  • Reassure your child that they are safe by offering some perspective, that this type of danger is incredibly rare and unlikely to happen to anyone they know and there is much done to keep us safe and protect us.
  • Age-appropriate conversations are important. Explain what death means, it is not usually until the age of 5 or 6 that children really know that death is permanent.
  • Explain why it happened – by talking about bad behaviour, not bad people. This will help children distinguish between bad acts and bad people, which can be more easily understood.
  • Children are surrounded by social media and conversations on the...
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Start behaving like a child!

At some point in our younger years, we decide to make the transition between being treated as a child to being recognised for the level of maturity the left brain brings. We stop behaving like children and logic and rationality come into play.

This implicates all area’s of our younger lives – we go from living the life we dream of – to the life we are expected to live. If I think back to my younger years, I was at my happiest when I was centre-stage and leader of the pack, which manifested in energy, idea’s, excitement and having a lot of fun. But somewhere along the way, we get conditioned to think that child’s play is just that! We begin to compromise and set our own limiting beliefs around what we believe is possible.

In 2004 when I set up my first company bStrategic, I relished running my businesses in a way that was advancing my clients to the next level. Helping and inspiring businesses gave me the rewards I was seeking through tangible results...

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