School Trips – what are parents really concerned about?


Lunch boxes at the ready, the coach has arrived and the race is on for the back seat! Some of our greatest childhood memories have come from our school trip experiences. A trip to the local history museum, building sand castles down the beach, there has always been an excitement around learning something outside the four walls of a classroom!

So what has changed for our children? There is certainly a larger variety of available trips that range in price and subject matter. The term ‘educational trips’ has been expanded to not only include trips that focus on national curriculum topics, but also aim to provide children with better social and life skills. In today’s post we speak to Lauren (Parent of 4, Year 2, 5 and 8) to explore what parents are really concerned about when it comes to school trips.

Do you believe school trips have become more expensive?

“I would never let my children go without, but school trips can be expensive, particularly as...

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Homework Time

Picture the first thing that comes into your head when you hear the word homework… It is most likely that you are picturing a child sitting at their desk with a pencil, a piece of paper and a notebook; or in this new day and age, a computer. Well there is always going to be an element of paperwork, but there is progress in transforming what we used to call ‘homework chores’ into stimulating learning activities for children.

In today’s blog post we discuss with parents the challenges that they face with homework in the modern schooling system, how a parent can best help their child with their homework and where future improvements can be made.

After a busy day at school, homework is sometimes the last thing a child wants to think about, resulting in children ‘accidentally’ forgetting to mention they have homework, putting it off, or the classic (in particular with younger children) not understanding the homework.

Ravinder (parent of 2, Years 6 and...

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Enhancing the education experience

Doesn’t school seem a distant memory?! That teacher we never got along with, overhead projectors, whiteboard markers and turkey twizzlers! How times have changed over the past years. Now we are the ones with children, embarking on their first steps into the world of education, keen to learn and make new friends.

Parents… the power is in our hands to guide and make sure our children get the best out of their education. Here at mySircles we believe that this power involves greater communication and a sense of community amongst parents.

We are developing a simple app that will allow you to help organise and improve your child’s educational experience. Where you can create class groups to keep in touch with other parents; ask questions about the latest homework or set up playdates. Where you can keep record of your child’s academic timeline and key dates such as examinations and school-plays.

Spread the word, a better future for our children is upon us with a...

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