Is Your Child a Fussy Eater?

As your little one grows up, it’s common for their eating habits to constantly change, which can be tricky for parents to keep up with. Even Jamie Oliver has attempted to tackle this, offering free, healthy meals for children in his restaurants throughout August. So, here is our list of ways to help normalise your child’s fussy eating.

Set the Menu – Don’t cook your child anything separate from your planned meal. This will simply create an expectation, making your child think it is okay for them to be fussy. However, always make sure there is something on the table which your child will eat (e.g. bread), so your child won’t go hungry if they do refuse to eat their dinner.

Stick to the Clock – Always have a schedule for your child’s meals, including a set time for their snacks. This will get them into a routine, ensuring they do not over or under eat throughout their day. It is also important that you eat dinner as a family. This...

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Does Your Child Find It Difficult to Study?

Often, children find it hard to keep their focus and motivation when studying from home. So, we’ve put together a number of ways to help make studying easier for your child.

Break – Taking regular breaks from studying is vital. This gives your brain a chance to rest and recharge. Your child will then be able to look at their work with a fresh perspective, allowing them to take in more information and come up with new points. Studying is most effective when carried out in 30-45 minute bursts. Top tip: the app Be Focused allows your child to create their own study timetable; time and track their progress; and control both their study and break time.

Rewards – Make sure your child is rewarded for their hard work. This can include time with their friends or a meal out with the family. This offers them a healthy balance between work and play.

Be Inventive – Your child should try a number of different study techniques in order to see what works best for...

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Is Your Child Going Back To School?

Going back to school is often dreaded by children. However, it does not have to be this way! There are plenty of ways to ensure their return is as smooth as possible. Here are some tips for parents to help make their transition that bit easier.

Reward – Diving straight back into school mode can be tricky. However, making fun plans for the weekend (or even after-school) will give your child something to look forward to throughout their week. This can be with other children at school, to help out some other parents too!

Take a Break – Try not to allow your child to immerse themselves in their school work straight away. Instead, set aside an hour or so a day for homework. They’re likely to be tired after their school day, so let them slowly adjust back into their routine before piling on the work load.

Family time – It is crucial that there be at least an hour a day set aside for family time. This is a perfect opportunity for parents to go over their...

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Is Your Child In Touch With Nature?


Before technology, nature was every child’s play toy. However, nowadays, it’s far more likely a six year old will know how to use a mobile phone than how to grow a plant. So, here are a few ways to get your children interested in the great outdoors:

Reserve – Nature reserves are a great start, as they often have plaques with information about the surrounding wildlife. How about making up a checklist of animals for your little one to find? This will give them a fun task to encourage their exploring – especially if there’s a pond nearby.

Green Fingers – It’s surprising how much children grow to enjoy gardening. Allow your child to pick out their own plant from your local gardening centre and help them to plant it in your garden. It can then be their job to water and look after this plant. This is not only a great way to get them interested in gardening, but also to teach them responsibility.

Creature Comforts – Give your child a notebook...

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Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party?

Organising your child’s birthday party can be tough. There’s the food, entertainment, decorations, and so much more to organise. Not to mention the added stress of inviting the guests, which can be extra tricky throughout the summer holidays. So, to make your life just that bit easier, we’ve put together a list of fun ideas for your child’s next party:

  1. Cooking – Pizza Express offer a ‘Pizza Making Party’, which pretty much does what it says on the tin. This not only instantly sorts out the catering, but also engages the children’s interest in cooking. They also offer party invitations and games as part of the package!
  1. Science – Whether your child is fascinated by outer space or exciting experiments, the Cambridge Science Centre is the perfect venue. They offer hands on activities, educational demonstrations, and not to mention fun filled party bags – tick, tick, tick!
  1. Sports – Is your child...
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Does Your Child Suffer From Anxiety?

Summer holidays are a time to forget all about school. However, a long six week break from can also result in an overwhelming sense of anxiety when it is time to return. There are many possible contributing factors to a child’s anxiety. Meeting new people in their classes, facing new challenges, upcoming exams, etc. As parents, we sometimes feel helpless, but there are ways we can help to make the transition back to school easier for children. The key is to ensure school and friends do not disappear into oblivion for six whole weeks.

However, organising playdates with other children from school presents a different set of challenges as there is no easy way to manage this communication. This is particularly important as children move schools, and getting to know other parents at school in a new year group would normally take part once children are back at school.

Arrange – One way to overcome this is to see if schools are willing to share parent information (with...

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Fancy a Treat?

Does, “No dear, the music plays when they’re out of ice cream…” sound familiar?

Instead of shooing the kids away from the ice cream van, why not try to make your own equally delicious treats at home? To satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth, we’ve put together a list of healthy and tasty summer treats. All are super easy to make so the kids can get involved with both the making and eating!

Sluuurp – Coconut and Blueberry Smash Pops are perfect as they replace the commonly used condensed milk for coconut milk, lowering the fat and sugar content. They’re also delicious and very pretty to look at!

Sip – What’s better than an ice cold slushy on a hot summer’s day? These Watermelon and Lemonade Slushies use only two ingredients (can you guess what they are?) and are super hydrating.

Munch – Frozen yogurt is a great alternative to ice cream, as it is considerably lower in fat and sugar. Froyo Berry...

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Want to Beat the Heat?

Summer is finally here!

The sun is out for the first time in what seems like a life time. And like every year, we don’t quite know how to handle it. It can also be especially hard on the little ones, making them feel tired and agitated. So, we’ve put together a few ways for you and your children to beat the heat!

Ice, Ice Baby. – Ice lollies are an obvious but effective way to cool down in the summer. But this time, how about making your own sweet treat? We love these super healthy, three ingredient Strawberry and Banana Ice Lollies – perfect for you and your little ones to make together. And for you mummies, how about these quick and easy Pimm’s Ice Lollies?!

Freeze! – Always freeze your water bottles. The ice will melt whilst you’re out and about, leaving you with a nice, cold bottle. Simple, but effective!

Spritz. – Use a face mist to cool you and your children down throughout the day. There are a number of these on...

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Stuck on what to do this Summer?

The summer holidays are rapidly approaching – time to begin planning what to do with the kids this break. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of fun activities to keep you and the little ones busy this summer!

Get Active – Although the weather has been more than a disappointment so far this summer, it is no excuse for you and the children to stay inside. Swimming is a great way to keep fit and healthy, come rain or shine. But, if the weather’s nice, bike rides are another wonderful way to get some exercise while spending time with the kids. Why not bring along a picnic too?

Experiment – From the 25th July – 26th August, there will be a number of science summer camps dotted around the East of England. Here, your children can take part in some fun, hands on experiments and watch some great demonstrations. They will even leave the day with their own goody bag! For more information and to book, visit

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Want to save money this Summer?

Would you say no to some money saving tips? Didn’t think so.

The summer is here (or so they say) which means more days out, getaways, and spending. So, to help with your money habits, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite tips and tricks on how to hold on to your pounds (the good kind)!

Points Mean Prizes – Whether it be TescoAsos, or Boots, a huge number of shops offer a points system allowing you to earn back on your shopping. But Tesco doesn’t just offer this on your food shop. If you save enough points, you might even be able to take the kids on a fun day out to a number of great locations, including Thorpe Park and Drayton Manor!

Pack It In – It may not seem it, but a £2 bottle of water here and there can add up to a fair amount. This summer, try your best not to buy food and drink while you’re out and about. Instead, carry a reusable bottle and always remember to pack a snack, just in case!


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