The world is changing – can education keep up?

Education has consistently evolved over time and it differs all over the world. There are countless debates about how we should approach education and the politics around the subject can get very heated. One thing everyone agrees on though is that the purpose of education is to prepare children for adulthood; to give them the skills, knowledge and confidence to reach their potential and achieve their goals. But the world our children are growing into is changing at an exponential rate, how can we prepare children for the future when we don’t know what it holds?

This is a question that inspired the founders of HundrED, an inspiring organisation that sets out to find the most groundbreaking new innovations that make education engaging, enriching and future proof. There are individuals and companies all over the world working to create ingenious ways to teach our children what they need to know to succeed but the problem with most of these ideas is they don’t get enough visibility or publicity. Incredible work is being done but not enough people know about it!

HundrED is changing this by researching worldwide and sharing 100 of the most innovative education tools. Each one selected has to offer value, make an impact and be scalable so that as HundrED shine a light on their work, they have the capacity to grow and help an unlimited amount of children. 

I am absolutely honoured to be asked by the HundrEd community to become a member of their Academy for change. In this role I will work to identify and recommend education innovations that are changing the way our children learn.

I will specifically be looking for technical innovations as my journey with mySircles has given me a deep understanding of what it takes to get a tech product to market and it’s not an easy process. I am also excited to see what innovations I can find coming from my home town of Cambridge, UK as well as India where my family originated from.

I am so excited to get started and help HundrED to identify their Global 2019 Innovations by lending my knowledge and voting on innovations that will make a difference to future generations.


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