The Sircles of school life

A successful school does more than just follow the national curriculum and meet attainment targets, school is an integral part of the community around children. By working alongside parents and families, adults become allies focused on education, health and wellbeing.

For any relationship to work, especially one as complex as home and school, the most important aspect is communication. Creating a clear, open and transparent space for communication means that everyone is on the same page and is able to offer the best support for a child.

The problem with communication in a busy modern school is it is potentially complicated. Thank goodness we no longer have to deal with hundreds of letters going home every day which both the environment and parents are grateful for!

However, there is a drawback to our new digital age, schools are beginning to use many different systems to get important information to parents, this can be both expensive and inefficient. Parents often miss essential messages, this causes misunderstanding, confusion and in some cases bad feeling. Dealing with these mix-ups is time-consuming for schools and parents and adds pressure that is unnecessary and unwelcome.

There is good news though, as technology continues to evolve, so too do expectations and the time is perfect for schools that recognise the challenge surrounding parent communications and want an easy way to support this.

mySircles is a much easier way for parents to communicate with each other, without sharing personal contact details – such as email and phone numbers, making it GDPR compliant. Parents simply join the class and clubs their children belong to and can post and chat with other parents. In addition, schools can send broadcast messages (one-way communication) to a class, club, a year level or across the whole school, making mySircles the ‘go-to place’ for anything to do with school. A pinning capability helps keep parents organised within the App and the school and PTA can ensure their communications are being received by relevant parents in a timely way.

If you are part of an innovative school that wants to save time, money and improve the communications process between school and parents, mySircles would like to hear from you.


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