The A Team

If you peel back the layers of any successful company, at the heart and soul of the business you find the team that makes things happen. Great people make great companies. However, for businesses that are in early stage formation, finding the right people that share passion, fit the culture of an organisation and have the drive and determination to make things happen can be difficult.

mySircles is based in Cambridge UK, the heart of Europe’s largest technology cluster – there are 57,000 people employed in more than 1,500 technology firms. However, finding the right talent is presenting some interesting challenges. Building the ‘A Team’ is coming at a cost of slowing down product development, a sacrifice that becomes necessary if the plan is to build great product.

We have sponsored Cambridge University’s Hack Cambridge Recurse – taking place over this weekend (28 and 29 January 2017). The 24 hour Hackathon involves breaking, building and pushing technology to its limits. The event attracted over 800 applicants from around the UK, from which the organisers selected 385 developers.  With the crème de la crème of future developers all being in Cambridge this weekend, we are hoping to attract some great talent to our organisation.


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