Babita Devi is runner-up for 2019 Techpreneur Awards at The House of Lords

It was a great honour for Babita Devi and mySircles to be nominated for the 2019 Techpreneur Awards taking place on 7 February 2019 at The House of Lords. The awards are intended to shine a light on women business owners in the tech industry which is something that owner of mySircles - Babita Devi is very passionate about.

The drive behind the awards is to celebrate women who are both working in an underrepresented industry and additionally running their own business. Both of these roles are currently dominated by men. These awards are recognition for role models that are making a change and acknowledgement and publicity for the work they are doing.

The six finalists very much deserve their place and are making waves in their sector:

Zsuzsa Mayer from Eco Sync was the youngest and first female laboratory manager at Oxford University. As a chartered engineer and scientist with an MSc in chemical engineering and PhD in renewable energy, she is more than qualified for this award. She has several patents on biofuel production and we are excited to see what's next for her.

Anya Roy from Syrona worked in mathematics and science before she co-founded Syrona. Not to mention that she has also had vast experience in top tier investment banks including Goldman Sachs.

Gita Khalili Moghaddam from TumourVue has a PhD in biomedical engineering and biotechnology as well as 14 years history working with artificial intelligence and medtech. Now she is thriving as the director of TumourVue.

Alex Depledge from Resi works with her business partner Jules Coleman who co-founded Resi but also started some years ago, (rebranded to This domestic cleaning company has become Europe’s biggest! She is additionally passionate about mental health and maternity/paternity rights and often advocates for these issues.

Lise Pape from Walk with Path handles project management, product development and commercialisation of tech products. Her history of working in human biology and innovation design engineering gives her a wide scope of knowledge to call upon.

Colleen Becker from Sampson Solutions has had a varied career that started in high-level arts organisations such as the Art Institute of Chicago and the Guggenheim. Her current freelance non-profit business development work in New York has a high reputation.  

As a runner-up, Babita Devi from mySircles, is honoured to be amongst such change-makers.  On a mission to enhance children’s journey through school by building stronger parenting communities, mySircles is holding out to see what happens next year!

Well done and good luck to the finalists. The results will be announced on the 7th February 2019.


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