Start behaving like a child!

At some point in our younger years, we decide to make the transition between being treated as a child to being recognised for the level of maturity the left brain brings. We stop behaving like children and logic and rationality come into play.

This implicates all area’s of our younger lives – we go from living the life we dream of – to the life we are expected to live. If I think back to my younger years, I was at my happiest when I was centre-stage and leader of the pack, which manifested in energy, idea’s, excitement and having a lot of fun. But somewhere along the way, we get conditioned to think that child’s play is just that! We begin to compromise and set our own limiting beliefs around what we believe is possible.

In 2004 when I set up my first company bStrategic, I relished running my businesses in a way that was advancing my clients to the next level. Helping and inspiring businesses gave me the rewards I was seeking through tangible results for my clients. This excited me and I decided to continue to juggle work and family.

Being a self-employed mother gives for an interesting perspective on modern day work ethics. Efficiency is critical if you have chosen this ‘balance’ of work and home life. Quite often this means starting early, finishing late and stopping in between to manage school runs and homework. However, managing school life efficiently has always been a challenge. This is where the idea for mySircles came from. Moving my daughter across cities and schools resulted in a regular transition between schools and friendship groups. I wanted an easier way to connect with all the other parents at school, to organise play dates easily, to provide a strong community for my daughter as she went through school.

I am fortunate that I can combine purpose with passion with not just bStrategic, but now with my second company mySircles. Starting the journey 5 years ago, where mySircles was just a dream to throwing myself into the business full-time nearly 2 years ago, we are now in the final stages of launch preparing to go live with the first set of parents. Along the way, transitioning the inner critic to inner coach has helped surface the younger me who used to get excited about having fun and enjoying life to the full. Nothing wrong with dreaming, you just need to find a way that reminds you of why you do what you do. If you are struggling with that… start with your childhood, the answer normally lies there!


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