PRESS RELEASE: Out with the “oogle” and in with the “ircle”, myScoogle is now mySircles

myScoogle is a Cambridge-based technology company that is dedicated to making parents lives easier on school-related matters. The company has recently completed a beta test for their parent communication app and are preparing to enter their first round of crowd-funding. The test has enforced the importance of group communications.  As a result, myScoogle has rebranded to further enhance the concept of groups and is now called mySircles.  “Users recognised the immense value of communicating within circles and so we decided to reflect this in our name” said Babita Devi, Founder of mySircles.  “The feedback from parents about being able to instantly be connected to others by joining a class circle without the need to individually search for parents will make it significantly easier to organize school-related activities”.  mySircles brings parents together, to be able to communicate effortlessly, create club circles and manage hectic schedules.  Organising school life is about to get a whole lot easier!


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