Preparing Children For School

Summer’s over and it’s time to help get our children back into a school routine. But getting kids back into the swing of things does not need to be stressful or expensive. All it needs is our time and some nurturing. Here are some great tips that you can try to get your little one ready for school:

  1. Read! There are so many benefits to reading. Apart from sharing the moment that story-telling brings, parents also have the opportunity to open up a dialogue around key issues. It gives children the opportunity to express worries or challenges they might be facing or prepare them for what is yet to come.
  2. Listening! Teaching children the discipline of listening, waiting their turn and not being overtaken by excitement, will help them adjust to frameworks within school environments and prepare them to engage more effectively with their peers. Play games that involve taking turns and encourage fair play and good sportsmanship.
  3. Self-reliance! There are such fun ways to teach your children independence from a young age from dressing themselves to helping at dinner time. Helping them become self-sufficient will put them in good stead when they have to try to manage by themselves at school. Give them multiple directions to follow and then praise them when done.
  4. Get organised! Check all homework is complete, prepare school bags and make sure you have discussed school-related matters well before bed time. Adjust your child’s sleeping and eating times before the start of the school year. This makes bed routines easier and children more relaxed.
  5. Time! Give your children time with you. As parents, it can be easy to become wrapped up in everything else we are trying to deal with, particularly for working parents who might be managing their work around school drop off and pick up times. Be present with your child in the time that you choose to spend together. Be positive and proud of your child.

Give your child opportunities to be confident and effective ways to be organised, self-assured and happy!


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