mySircles and My Mission


Gratitude is a huge part of my life. I strongly believe it is a powerful force that can have a transformational impact on our lives. When we take note of the things in life we feel grateful for, we would be blind not to recognise that with the virtue of feeling fortunate comes the awareness of those not so fortunate. This is why I have a burning desire to give back, to do something positive, to make an impact and create something bigger than myself.

When considering how best to use this energy I recognised that my passion was for children. I believe wholeheartedly that every child should be given the best opportunities possible in fact mySircles was actually created so that we as parents could support our kids more effectively.

Underprivileged children just don’t get that same support though, the opportunities available to them are limited and their parents are not in a position to provide more. With my inner mission to give back I was led to Sham Nagar in Phagwara, the region of India that my own family originate from.

India is a magical, beautiful country but the poverty is devastating. There are more people living below the poverty line here than anywhere else in the world; 25% which equates to approximately 220.1 million people, with many children growing up with a feeling of hopelessness. A feeling that nothing will change.

As the founder of a tech company I contemplated how I could combine this drive to contribute with my love of India and my passion for tech. This is how the Computer Centre concept was born. A way to ‘give back’ by helping children that otherwise would never experience what technology can offer.

Right now, it’s small but I have big plans for growth! The computer centre currently has 10 computers and is right in the heart of Sham Nagar, giving children and young people access to technology, to the internet and subsequently to the world. Learning skills that can be utilized and shared throughout their lifetime, this computer centre has the potential to be a hub of learning, growth and opportunity.

I plan on growing the centre, hiring additional teachers, as well as buying more computers to support the demand. Over 50 children were using the centre within the first 2 months of it opening. It will provide a practical resource to the community, but I want to give the young people accessing this technology something that can’t be bought… hope!


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