How Much Should Santa Give?

Amid the Christmas festivities, there has been one age old question circulating around Facebook…how much should Santa give? Many parents have never even considered this as an issue, however, it may be an important question to consider this Christmas. After all, Santa should give equally to all children, right?

We spoke to Emily Symeou, school teacher and mother of three: Andrew (5), Lilly (3) and Theo (3).

“My husband and I allocate £10 – £20 on stocking presents that are from Santa, but this is dependent on kid and age. The twins are younger so we can get away with less!”

The Symeou household adheres to the old Santa saying, “something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read…so, small presents go in the stocking”.

“I think at the moment we (the parents) spend more than Santa. We buy from September to help spread the cost. We also buy from eBay and charity shops if and when we can. We also know that in a few years the children’s presents will be more expensive!”

Emily states that she has never had the issue of her eldest comparing presents, however, it is something she is now conscious of, “I will ask other parents in the future to see if they spend the same.”

However, Emily finds this easier said than done. “There are so many ways we communicate and everyone is busy. The problem being, people don’t respond as quickly this time of year. Or, they miss it as there are too many apps to check!”

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How much do you think Santa should give?


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