Engaging with Parents at Your Child’s School

As children prepare for the start of a new academic year, many parents face challenges around communicating with other parents at school. Increasingly there are Facebook Groups for this, but if you are not a Facebook user or prefer not to communicate on school-related matters using social media, then it leaves little choice, other than trying to find contact details of other parents and using either chat apps, email, text messaging or just trying to catch parents at the school gate. The latter can be difficult if you are a working parent!

When just starting your parenting journey, there are some great options to get connected – such as join or start a playgroup, join online forums and socialise through events or even just a walk in the park. Putting yourself out there is half the battle and by making connections when you have time to do so, are great.

But as children get older and regardless of whether your child is starting nursery, just starting school, moving up a year or transitioning into High School, as parents we want to be connected to our child’s nursery and school environment. This is more difficult to do.

Establishing a network of parents at your child’s school or nursery will help you to stay informed and feel connected with your child’s experience. However, reaching out and trying to build relationships with other parents that have similar interests, so that you can mutually support each other has been challenging. This is what underpins mySircles – an easier way to connect with other parents, to ultimately enhance the education experience your child has. To help parents get connected with each other on school-related matters.

Traditionally many parents would chat at the school gate, however, as technology enables us to communicate at our convenience, we no longer need to hang around at school – waiting to connect with other parents. Our community of friends naturally stems from school, both for children and parents alike. But making those connections has an increasing level of complexity that mySircles addresses.

Many parents want to be actively engaged with other parents, there are many opportunities to do this from joining the PTA at your child’s school to being a class rep and attending plays and sports events, to just chatting at the school gate. But when it comes to communicating with these parents and the wider group (ie the class that your child belongs to), there is no easy way to do this until now. mySircles enables you to simply join the class or activity group your child belongs to and you can start to communicate with the other parents. All school communications can now be in one single place.

If you are interested in mySircles, please register your interest on our website and we will be in touch!


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