Connect with Parents to Help Your Children Thrive

Let’s be honest, the parenting game is hard work and sometimes all the best intentions in the world still don’t feel good enough! There is one thing you can do though that will help both yourself and your child and it has nothing to do with your relationship with your child and everything to do with your relationship with other parents! In this post we will explore how connecting with other parents can improve family life.

The Practicalities of Parenting

Has your child ever come home with the wrong uniform or kit? Have you ever been unsure of what the homework is? Has there ever been a cancellation of a school club? Have you ever been running late for the school run?

These are real parent problems but they hardly scratch the surface. Every day you can face a new challenge, I know this because I am a parent and this is my life too. The only time I have able to find quick resolutions have been when I have had other parents to call on for support. Together we are stronger and collectively better informed.

I will give you an example: one morning just as I was politely asking my daughter to put her shoes on – again! She finally began to stomp down the stairs, one massive clump at a time. It was then I realised she was wearing someone else’s school shoes!

We were already running late, I needed to resolve the problem quickly. Thankfully the parents in my daughter’s school were helping me to test the mySircles app and I was able to connect with the right parents and find out who had her shoes.

Without this connection, my daughter would have been mortified going to school. Parents working together saved the day!

Reduce Anxiety

Think back to the last time you thought you were going to be late picking your child from school. Even if you made it in time, the knot in the pit of your stomach is painful as you think about them waiting for you and worrying.

When you have strong and easy connections to parents you can make other people aware that you are on your way and they can inform the child, wait with them or take them for you. There is huge power in this, reducing anxiety for both you and your child.

My friend Lisa described to me a time it happened to her and she had no way to connect with anyone. She had been coming back from her mum’s who lives 30 minutes away from school. She had left a whole hour to get there but what she hadn’t anticipated was an accident on the duel carriageway.

As she sat in the endless traffic moving at a painfully slow pace, the thought of her little girl waiting at the school all alone and wondering where her mummy was made her want to get out the car and run to school (and she might have done if she wasn’t still 15 miles away).

She ran through her options; her husband was at work and her mum was obviously even further away than she was. She tried to message one of the mums from the school but she didn’t get a reply. She tried another friend, still no reply. She then called the school but as it was an after school club the office staff had gone home. You see it’s not just who you know but it’s also so important to have effective methods of communication in place, ready for when you need them.

Staying Safe

Making strong connections can actually help to make our children safer. Especially as our little angels start growing and seeking independence.

Parenting older children presents a different set of problems. Even though we trust them and give them the freedom they need (even when it is hard for us) we still want to know where they are and who they are with. Fair enough right?

Last year our older daughter had been invited to a party and my husband and I were just not comfortable. We didn’t know the child or the parents hosting the party and this worried us.

When I think back to life when I was that age, sure there were parties but if I wanted to speak to my friends I had to use the communal phone in the hall, the dynamics today are just completely different and sometimes it’s scary.

Luckily our daughter decided not to go so we weren’t forced to be the bad horrible party poopers saying no but it continued to play on my mind, I concluded that being able to easily connect to parents as our children start to make their own social arrangements is essential.

Despite our children using social media more, there is a big shift away from social media platforms for parents that do not want to share personal information about themselves and their children in such a public way. The potential problem with the exodus is that in the last 10 years many people have been using Facebook to connect, so if people are leaving what is the alternative?

Connect With mySircles

mySircles provides the bespoke solution for parents connecting. You don’t need everyone’s phone number and it is not connected to social media. Every parent your child connects with through school or clubs can be a connection on the mySircles app. Click here to learn more.


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