Babita Devi finalist for BizMum’s Creative Mum of the Year 2017



4 August 2017

mySircles Finalist for BizMums Awards

Cambridge-based entrepreneur Babita Devi is a finalist for BizMum’s Creative Mum of the Year. An annual award ceremony takes place in Cheshire later this year, where hundreds of working Mums attend BizMums’s 2017 National Awards & Conference.

Babita is owner and founder of mySircles – an app that is a dedicated communication tool for parents with children at school, who are looking for an easier way to communicate with all the other parents in their child’s class, but don’t want to use social media to do this. The law prohibits schools from sharing contact details of other parents. This results in communication using email, text, Facebook, chat, Whatsapp, Messenger; many parents use a combination of these which can become time consuming and confusing.

Babita launched mySircles with a trial school earlier this year and a second school is preparing to launch the app to all parents, as well as making it available for the PTA to communicate directly with parents.

Having the support of BizMums has been vital, from learning the challenges of working parents to pitching ideas and presentations on how to set mySircles up for investment and growth.

Babita is delighted to have been nominated and shortlisted to a finalist: “The journey of setting up a technology company with a marketing background, has been both challenging and exhilarating! Now as I prepare to launch mySircles nationwide, every element of creativity is coming into play, which makes this this nomination extra special. I am very grateful to BizMums for the support and equally important validation that parents want an easier way to communicate on school-related matters.” For further information on mySircles, please see

BizMums was founded by Michelle Childs in 2012 and is now a network of over 400 mums who are self-employed and quite often are working alone from home. Designed for members to support and motivate each other, there are monthly meetings held across the UK where members hear expert advice, showcase their businesses and can bounce ideas of each other. For further information on BizMums, please see

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About mySircles Limited

mySircles is a free app that enables parents to connect and communicate with each other. From arranging a birthday party to arranging pick-ups because you’re running late, mySircles is the perfect solution designed around the needs of all parents with children attending school. If you are a parent or a member of the PTA that is interested in mySircles for your school, please register your interest on the website


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