Babita Devi is runner-up for 2019 Techpreneur Awards at The House of Lords

It was a great honour for Babita Devi and mySircles to be nominated for the 2019 Techpreneur Awards taking place on 7 February 2019 at The House of Lords. The awards are intended to shine a light on women business owners in the tech industry which is something that owner of mySircles - Babita Devi is very passionate about.

The drive behind the awards is to celebrate women who are both working in an underrepresented industry and additionally running their own business. Both of these roles are currently dominated by men. These awards are recognition for role models that are making a change and acknowledgement and publicity for the work they are doing.

The six finalists very much deserve their place and are making waves in their sector:

Zsuzsa Mayer from Eco Sync was the youngest and first female laboratory manager at Oxford University. As a chartered engineer and scientist with an MSc in chemical engineering and PhD in renewable energy, she is more than qualified for this award. She...

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Cambridge News - Mum's App to help make a connection

A CAMBRIDGE-based mum is on a mission to connect parents of schoolchildren by revolutionising parent communication. Babita Devi, 47, from Fulbourn has developed a parent-to-parent communication platform called mySircles. 

The aim of the app is so parents can get to know each other, build relationships and support each other and their children through school.

There are no statuses, no likes, no shares, the purpose of it is purely to make communication more efficient for the benefit of both the parent and the child.

Within the generation of more working parents, it can be hard for parents to connect with one another. The idea came to her out of the frustration of trying to get to know other parents from moving her daughter across multiple cities and schools, missing out on school-gate connections due to work.


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The world is changing – can education keep up?

Education has consistently evolved over time and it differs all over the world. There are countless debates about how we should approach education and the politics around the subject can get very heated. One thing everyone agrees on though is that the purpose of education is to prepare children for adulthood; to give them the skills, knowledge and confidence to reach their potential and achieve their goals. But the world our children are growing into is changing at an exponential rate, how can we prepare children for the future when we don’t know what it holds?

This is a question that inspired the founders of HundrED, an inspiring organisation that sets out to find the most groundbreaking new innovations that make education engaging, enriching and future proof. There are individuals and companies all over the world working to create ingenious ways to teach our children what they need to know to succeed but the problem with most of these ideas is they don’t get...

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mySircles and My Mission


Gratitude is a huge part of my life. I strongly believe it is a powerful force that can have a transformational impact on our lives. When we take note of the things in life we feel grateful for, we would be blind not to recognise that with the virtue of feeling fortunate comes the awareness of those not so fortunate. This is why I have a burning desire to give back, to do something positive, to make an impact and create something bigger than myself.

When considering how best to use this energy I recognised that my passion was for children. I believe wholeheartedly that every child should be given the best opportunities possible in fact mySircles was actually created so that we as parents could support our kids more effectively.

Underprivileged children just don’t get that same support though, the opportunities available to them are limited and their parents are not in a position to provide more. With my inner mission to give back I was led to Sham Nagar in Phagwara, the region...

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Form the Future, Inspiring Young Minds

I started mySircles because I wanted to help my children succeed, to facilitate their learning both inside and outside the classroom. Very quickly my motivation moved beyond my own backyard; it fills me with absolute joy to see any young person step into the most thriving version of themselves.

This is why I jumped at the opportunity to be part of an inspirational project to broaden the horizons of young people in the UK. I was asked by Form the Future, an inspiring organisation that aims to open the eyes of our young people to the wide range of possibilities available to them and challenge them to think broadly about their career choices.

So, as the summer term came to a close in 2018 and most children were counting the hours for the final bell, I was part of a team of volunteers going in with the hope of waking them up and raising their aspirations ready for a new school year in September.

The first day of the program I worked with the Year 10 cohort at Saffron Walden...

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mySircles featured in Research & Innovation Highlights 2017/2018


mySircles was recently featured Research & Innovation Highlights, check out what they have to say about mySircles and how our fantastic journey started. Click this link to view

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mySircles Sponsors BizMums



6 September 2017  

mySircles Sponsors BizMums

Cambridge-based mySircles is proud to be a sponsor of BizMums’s 2017 National Awards & Conference. The event takes place in Cheshire later this year, attracting hundreds of working Mums from all over the UK. mySircles is sponsoring ‘Online Mum of the Year’ and received the highest number of nominees across all categories, from online stores selling Scandinavian inspired fashion to interior design and online directory for all things paleo to clarity coaching for women. All nominees showed tremendous dedication to their cause, making this a particularly difficult category to judge.

BizMums was founded by Michelle Childs in 2012 and is now a network of over 400 mums who are self-employed and quite often are working alone from home. Designed for members to support and motivate each other, there are monthly meetings held across the UK where members hear expert advice, showcase...

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Babita Devi finalist for BizMum’s Creative Mum of the Year 2017



4 August 2017

mySircles Finalist for BizMums Awards

Cambridge-based entrepreneur Babita Devi is a finalist for BizMum’s Creative Mum of the Year. An annual award ceremony takes place in Cheshire later this year, where hundreds of working Mums attend BizMums’s 2017 National Awards & Conference.

Babita is owner and founder of mySircles – an app that is a dedicated communication tool for parents with children at school, who are looking for an easier way to communicate with all the other parents in their child’s class, but don’t want to use social media to do this. The law prohibits schools from sharing contact details of other parents. This results in communication using email, text, Facebook, chat, Whatsapp, Messenger; many parents use a combination of these which can become time consuming and confusing.

Babita launched mySircles with a trial school earlier this year and a second school is preparing to launch the...

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mySircles in Pitchfest Showdown 2016

mySircles participates Pitchfest showdown 2016 in Cambridge. Read all about it here and check out all 15 start-up finalists that will go head to head in this event.  Click here. 

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mySircles in Cambridge Independent



7 July 2017

A simple solution for stressed parents

Cambridge-based start-up mySircles is leading the way for parents with children at school, that want to ditch social media for a dedicated communication tool. Last week mySircles Kickstarter campaign was launched with the aim to raise enough funds to develop this platform for nationwide launch.

If you are a parent, chances are you will know what it feels like to face problems such as confusion over homework, struggling to contact other parents at school or finding out about your child needing a costume for World Book Day on World Book Day! It is frustrating and heart-breaking to watch your child suffer over homework or panic because you are running late for pick up.

The law prohibits schools from sharing contact details of other parents. This results in parents communicating using email, text, Facebook, chat, Whatsapp, Messenger; many parents use a combination of all of these and life...

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