The Story of mySircles

Enhancing a child's journey through school

Revolutionising parent communication and supporting family life is what has driven Cambridge-based Mum Babita Devi, to develop a parent-to-parent communication platform called mySircles. Born from a frustration of trying to get to know other parents from moving her daughter across multiple cities and schools and missing out on school gate connections due to juggling work and school, led to the idea of creating mySircles - a journey that started over 3 years ago.

Parents all over the country have experienced a Sunday night panic over homework. They know how awful it feels to be running late for school pick up. Overall, parents want their children to be happy, to make friends and take part in clubs, but it’s difficult at times to connect with other parents to organise these things without knowing their phone number or connecting on social media. This can be very frustrating. 

Connecting parents without sharing parent contact details is high on the agenda for schools.  mySircles has been designed so parents can have everything to do with school in one place, including any broadcast messages that a school or PTA want to send out to parents in a class, club, across a year level or the whole school.

Whilst traditionally connections are made in the playground, many working parents struggle with this and as children get older, the community of the school playground becomes a thing of the past.  It can be a challenge to know which parents to approach and because of data protection and GDPR, it is difficult for schools to share parent contact details.

The proliferation of communication tools means that parents are using a multitude of platforms; email, text, Facebook, chat, WhatsApp, Messenger, they all help parents to get in touch, but none are designed with parents in mind. With everyone connecting in different ways, life has become even more confusing. The inconsistency has caused chaos, but we just accept it because we don’t see another way.

In this over-connected culture we live in, we run a greater risk of becoming disconnected.

mySircles has been created by parents for parents. It is simple, information-based and has everything to do with school in one place. Parents can get to know each other, build relationships and support each other and their children through school. There are no statuses, no likes, no shares. The purpose of it is purely to make communication more efficient for the benefit of both the parent and the child. 

It takes a village to raise a child and mySircles aims to recreate this village in the digital age.

So in summary, what makes mySircles different? It allows parents to connect to all the parents in their child’s class or club easily; it has a built in ‘Broadcast’ feature which means schools and the Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) can send one-way communications out to parents; and you don’t need a parent’s phone number to connect with them

Currently launched at St Faiths School and now going live with The Spinney School – both in Cambridge, mySircles is helping these parents to connect, support and be organised on school-related matters. 


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