Need Ideas for Father’s Day?

As every mum will know, Father’s Day isn’t just for dads, but for our husbands and partners as well. Although an aftershave with the kids’ names on it may be a nice gesture, there are lots of other, more personal ways to make his day special. Here are some ideas for you and your children to try out this Father’s Day:

Breakfast in bed – this is a classic staple to begin any Parent’s Day. This is not only a lovely start to his morning, but will give your children a sense of pride and achievement when he takes that first bite. We love Nigella’s quick and easy American Breakfast Pancakes.

Homemade cards – it may not be a Picasso, but every parent knows a homemade card from your little one tops Clintons. Here is a link on how to make your own ‘shirt card’.

Poems – poems aren’t only a beautiful and personal gesture, but they’re also a really great way for children to practise their vocabulary. Assist your children in writing a short poem about their dad. This can either be placed in their card, or left to frame to mark the occasion.

Box of treats – instead of buying one present which you think he needs; try something a little more personal which the kids can get involved in. First, ask your children to decorate a cardboard box. Then, together you can fill the box with all his favourite things. This may be his favourite type of beer, foods, or even underwear! This way, you know he’ll love it.

These are just a few of our ideas on how to make this Father’s Day special. We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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