Is Your Child In Touch With Nature?


Before technology, nature was every child’s play toy. However, nowadays, it’s far more likely a six year old will know how to use a mobile phone than how to grow a plant. So, here are a few ways to get your children interested in the great outdoors:

Reserve – Nature reserves are a great start, as they often have plaques with information about the surrounding wildlife. How about making up a checklist of animals for your little one to find? This will give them a fun task to encourage their exploring – especially if there’s a pond nearby.

Green Fingers – It’s surprising how much children grow to enjoy gardening. Allow your child to pick out their own plant from your local gardening centre and help them to plant it in your garden. It can then be their job to water and look after this plant. This is not only a great way to get them interested in gardening, but also to teach them responsibility.

Creature Comforts – Give your child a notebook and encourage them to draw all the bugs and creatures they can find (this could be at the park, in the garden, etc.). Once they’re finished, they can look up the creatures, naming and labelling them. They can even add a cool fact about their new find!

Is It a Bird… – How about making your own bird feeders? This will attract lots of different birds, giving your child a chance to learn the different species.

Prickly Pad – the population of hedgehogs is declining in the UK. So, to make them welcome in your garden, create a hedgehog cafe! This is super easy and can help the environment massively.

These are just a few of our ideas…we’d love to hear how you get your child interested in nature!


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