Is Your Child Going Back To School?

Going back to school is often dreaded by children. However, it does not have to be this way! There are plenty of ways to ensure their return is as smooth as possible. Here are some tips for parents to help make their transition that bit easier.

Reward – Diving straight back into school mode can be tricky. However, making fun plans for the weekend (or even after-school) will give your child something to look forward to throughout their week. This can be with other children at school, to help out some other parents too!

Take a Break – Try not to allow your child to immerse themselves in their school work straight away. Instead, set aside an hour or so a day for homework. They’re likely to be tired after their school day, so let them slowly adjust back into their routine before piling on the work load.

Family time – It is crucial that there be at least an hour a day set aside for family time. This is a perfect opportunity for parents to go over their child’s school work, making sure they are settling back in and helping them with any questions or topics they may be having trouble with.

Switch it Up – By purchasing some new stationary such as sticky notes and coloured pens, this will motivate your children to try a new way of studying. Suggest they try out some spider diagrams over the first few days back, summing up their school day. This will not only help them keep up with the new curriculum, but colours can also help children to remember.

Get Cooking – Your child has probably got used to a whole different eating schedule during the summer. So, making some exciting and new packed lunch ideas with plenty of snacks should help keep your child going throughout the school day.

These are just a few ways to help your child with their transition back to school, we’d love to hear your ideas!


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