Is It Important For Our Children to Know About Remembrance Day?

As parents, one of our many jobs is to protect and shelter our children from the pain and suffering of the world. However, Remembrance Day comes around once a year, warranting questions from our children about what it all really means. Instead of avoiding the question this year, it may be important that you address it.

Every single day, somewhere in the world, there is a war going on. The BBC states that ‘every minute, two people are killed in conflicts around the world’. This statistic is simply too shocking to ignore and Remembrance Day gives us the push we need to acknowledge it.

Remembrance Day (11th September) is not only to pay tribute to those who died in World War One, but every war. It is a time for us all to pray for those whose lives have been affected or lost for the sake of their country. It is a time to be thankful to those who have lost their lives in order to save our own; to be grateful for the safety of our families; and to keep their memory alive.

Teaching our children to remember those less fortunate and to acknowledge the sacrifices made to make their life safe is one of the most important lessons we could give.

Be sure to stop what you are doing at 11 o’clock this Friday, and spend just a mere two minutes of your day thinking of those who have lost their lives to war.

Top tip: if you are struggling to explain Remembrance Day to your child, CBBC Newsround can help.

These are just our thoughts on Remembrance Day, we’d love to hear yours!


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