How Much Are You Giving This Christmas?

Here at mySircles, we believe it is important for children to think of Christmas as a time for giving as well as receiving. Therefore, we have put together a list of charitable activities for you and your child to get involved with this festive season.

The Giving Tree – In Cambridge, Peterborough, Kent, Spalding and Norwich, a big and bright Christmas tree has been put up in their shopping centres, and not just for decoration. Heart Radio has teamed up with a number of charities such as NSPCC, The Salvation Army, and Young Lives Foundation to deliver presents to those less fortunate. Simply pick up an extra present during your Christmas shopping and drop it off under the tree to make someone’s Christmas.

Christmas Care Package – Instead of simply giving your spare change to a homeless person, how about putting together your own care package for someone less fortunate? This can include items such as: blankets, socks, gloves, baby wipes, gift cards, water bottles, dried fruit, granola bars, etc. But most importantly, be sure to lend this person a moment of your time whilst handing over your package, as a kind conversation may be what they need the most.

Adopt a Pet  – This, of course, is not possible for everyone. However, if you are planning on giving a pet to your children this Christmas, be sure to visit an animal shelter opposed to a private breeder. All animals under the care of the RSPCA have either been poorly treated or abandoned. It is therefore crucial to offer them a loving and permanent home.

Send a Shoebox – The Shoebox appeal is for those who do not have access to the many things we take for granted. This can include items such as: shampoo, soap, sweets, toys, pencils, colouring books, etc. These Shoeboxes get sent to many places around the world to offer some much needed essentials and small luxuries for those who really need it.

Be a Friend – According to the Be a Friend campaign, ‘over five million older people are affected by loneliness’. Do you know a neighbour who could use some company over the Christmas holiday? How about dropping over some home-made Christmas cookies, or even inviting them to join you for Christmas dinner?

These are just a few ways to give this Christmas, we’d love to hear your thoughts!


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