Have You Sent Your Christmas Cards Yet?

Are you bored of sending out the same, generic Christmas cards out every year? Well, we’ve put together a list of unique DIY Christmas cards for you and your child to make for your nearest and dearest this season!

Ho Ho Ho – This card is so simple and therefore perfect if you have lots of people in your address book. All you need is some card, buttons, and a felt tip pen! Top Tip: Using the same materials, mix things up by trying out this bauble design.

Pop-Up Tree – This 3D card can also serve as an impressive Christmas decoration! Top Tip: How about adding some sparkle by using sequins as baubles?

Christmas Trees – This card is achieved with just paint strips (which you can pick up for free at most home improvement stores), and some sequins. Top Tip: you can also turn paint strips into pretty gift tags.

Santa Hat – Although easy to make, this card looks very impressive once finished. Plus, nothing says Christmas like lots and lots of glitter!

Kissing Reindeers – The kids will love getting messy with this paint fingerprint card! Top Tip: There are loads of great and creative ways to use fingerprint paint. How about trying this cute candy cane design?

These are just a few of our ideas, we’d love to hear how you’re making Christmas cards this year!


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