Have You Got Your Child’s Halloween Costume Sorted This Year?

Halloween is a time for children to enjoy dressing up and collecting treats with their friends. However, it can add a significant number of ‘to do’s’ on that ever growing list! From organising the trick or treating with the other parents, to being ready for your very own little visitors and carving the pumpkins, – to decorating the house, Halloween is a time for fun but also requires us parents to be highly organised. The most challenging can be… sorting out costumes. So, we’ve put together a list of cheap and (not so) cheerful costumes for your little devils this Halloween!

Shimmering Mermaid – What little girl doesn’t dream of being part of Ariel’s world? This look is all about the multi-coloured make up or face paint. Simply place some netted tights over parts of the face, and dab on as many colours (and glitter) as you like. This will give the illusion of scales coming through the skin. Also, leave your child’s hair plaited overnight for beautiful wavy hair. Top Tip: Wrap a multi-coloured scarf loosely around your child’s legs to give the illusion of a fin.

Spooky Ghost  – This costume is every parent’s favourite as it is the cheapest, easiest, and oldest trick in the book. Just rip up the bottom edge of an old, white bed sheet, cut a hole for the head and you’ve got yourself a ghost costume. However, how about adding a set of LED fairy lights underneath? This will give the illusion that your child is floating! Top tip: Using a lighter material such as tutu fabric will give the ensemble extra glow.

Flying Bat – Again, this outfit is super easy to make. Just throw together an all-black outfit and follow the linked tutorial on how to create the wings. Once you’ve made these, they’ll serve as a fun addition to the dress-up box!

Scary Mummy – Your child will love helping you out with this costume. All you need is a large, white sheet and it’s time to get ripping! Top Tip: Paint around your child’s eyes with black face paint for extra spookiness!

Creepy Cat – A black cat is another classic Halloween look – but did you know making your own cat ears could be so easy? Finish the look by simply drawing cat features on with some black eyeliner…hey presto!

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There are just a few of our ideas, we’d love to see your creations this Halloween!


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