Ever Tried Making Your Own Advent Calendar?

Whether you embrace or resist, the fact remains…Christmas is on its way. If you’re not reminded by the constant jingle bells on the radio or the endless Christmas ads on TV, you’re more than likely to have your own personal countdown from your child. So, to make the experience all the more enjoyable for you and your family, how about making your own, personalised advent calendar this year? These are all great fun to make and perfect for some craft time with your little elf!

Family Fun – The main purpose of this advent calendar is to create family experiences. This can include activities such as baking a cake together, putting the Christmas tree up, or simply sitting down as a family to enjoy a Christmas classic. This ensures lots of fun Christmas memories and could also encourage more family time in the future.

Sweet Treats – This advent calendar works really well with sweets, as it is sealed and contained in paper cups. It is also very simple to assemble and looks fantastic! Perfect for little kiddies who love their sugar.

Christmas Tree Surprise – Pretty much everyone should be able to make this advent calendar from materials they already have at home. You can add anything as the gifts (hence the name) as long as it fits into a kitchen roll tube!

Lego Countdown – Does your little one love Lego? This advent calendar gives them an advent challenge for each day. Simply pack up the bricks of a festive toy along with a diagram of the finished product and leave them to assemble. Top tip: this Mini-Builds set is perfect!

Random Acts of Kindness – This may be the most festive advent calendar of them all. Try coming up with 24 random acts of kindness with your child. This can be anything from giving a homeless person a packed lunch, to leaving a family member a kind note (if you’re stuck on ideas, look here). Write each one on a piece of paper, place in individual envelopes, and number. After all, t’is the season of giving.

These are just a few of our advent calendar ideas, we’d love to hear yours!


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