Does Your Child Walk to School?

If you didn’t already know, October is International Walk to School Month. A whole month dedicated to teaching children all about emissions and pollution. However, there are lots of reasons why strapping on your walking boots can benefit both you and your children. So, here is a list of why you and your little ones should take part this month.

Get Moving – Depending on how far away you live, walking to and from school can contribute to your and your child’s daily exercise. Exercising 20 minutes to an hour every day will not only keep your child healthy, but significantly enhance your child’s performance at school.

Revision Time – The walk to and from school is a great opportunity to prepare your child for the day ahead and to recap on what they have learnt throughout their day. Oral repetition is an effective learning technique and can help your child to remember important information.

Wake up – Does your child tend to nod off in the car on the way to school? Some fresh air and a bit of exercise is the best way to ensure your child is alert and ready for their day ahead.

Go Green – The most important reason is of course the huge service you will be doing for your environment. Lowering the amount of emissions can lead to better health for our environment and children’s wellbeing. If that doesn’t encourage you to participate this month, we don’t know what will!

Of course, there will be those of you who live too far away to walk to school. However, Walk to School Month is also an incentive to arrange car pools for your child, lowering the congestion and amount of vehicle emissions used on a daily basis. Taking it in turns with other parents will also give you all that extra bit of spare time to run errands. Everyone wins!

We’d love to hear how you get on this Walk to School Month!


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