Does Your Child Lack Confidence?

It is extremely common for children to find public speaking and drama classes the most daunting aspect of their school lives. For some, it even causes anxiety, leading to negative feelings towards their classes. Encouraging children to speak up can improve a number of their skills.

  1.  Confidence. Public speaking and performing can drastically improve your child’s confidence. This skill will not only benefit your child in their social lives, but will also be crucial to them once they enter the working world.
  1.  Passion. Topic of speech is important. By asking children to produce a piece about something they are concerned or interested by will encourage them to research and inform themselves. This is a great way to trigger their passions and for you to get to know their interests.
  1.  Cooperation. An easy way to introduce public speaking is through a group activity. This will not only take some of the pressure off, but will also persuade children to act unified as a group.
  1.  Memory. Writing and reciting a speech about a relevant school topic is a great way to help them to remember important information. Also, reciting the speech by heart will help children to develop their memory skills.
  1.  Assertion. Another great way of encouraging public speech is through debating. This teaches children to stick up for their beliefs and to be able to provide their reasoning behind their decisions.

These are just our views on how to boost your child’s confidence, we’d love to hear your thoughts!


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