Does Your Child Find It Difficult to Study?

Often, children find it hard to keep their focus and motivation when studying from home. So, we’ve put together a number of ways to help make studying easier for your child.

Break – Taking regular breaks from studying is vital. This gives your brain a chance to rest and recharge. Your child will then be able to look at their work with a fresh perspective, allowing them to take in more information and come up with new points. Studying is most effective when carried out in 30-45 minute bursts. Top tip: the app Be Focused allows your child to create their own study timetable; time and track their progress; and control both their study and break time.

Rewards – Make sure your child is rewarded for their hard work. This can include time with their friends or a meal out with the family. This offers them a healthy balance between work and play.

Be Inventive – Your child should try a number of different study techniques in order to see what works best for them. Some children work best with colour codes; some with spider diagrams; and others with simple bullet points. Some children even find orally recording and listening back to their notes helps them to remember. It is important your child knows which works best for them as to use their time efficiently. Top tip: have your child try out BBC BitesizeEducation City, and/or Khan Academy (for older children). These websites have plenty of educational videos, games, audios and notes to help your children study.

Copy it Down – Encourage your children to re-write their notes from school. This is incredibly helpful and gives your child a much greater chance of remembering what they have learnt.

Environment – A healthy work environment is important for your child to remain focused. Make sure your child has access to a clean, spacious and organised working space at home. Also, try to ensure there are no distractions (e.g. social media, loud noises).

These are just a few of our ideas, we’d love to hear how your children stay motivated!


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