Do your children dread going ‘Back to School’?

‘Back to School’…three words with the power to make any child despair.

It can often feel like a daunting adjustment for kids to get back into their school routine. So we’ve put together just a few tips to help make the transition that bit smoother:

Think it Over- encourage your children to take half an hour to re-familiarise themselves with their school work. This will allow them to dive straight back into the curriculum instead of playing catch-up on their first day back.

Jot it down – ask your children to write a short overview of their half-term, describing their favourite activities from the break. This will help switch them back to school-mode through creative writing and task completion.

Catch those Z’s – a large factor to the struggle of the school routine is that dreaded early alarm. By setting an earlier night and morning for your children over the weekend, this will gradually adjust their body clock, making the early get-up more bearable.

Fun and Games – be it a word puzzle, Sudoku, or friendly round of scrabble, these brain teasers will reawaken parts of your children’s brain which have been abandoned over the week!

And Relax… – keep your schedule open this weekend, giving you and your children a much needed rest before the busy week ahead.

These are just a few of our ideas, we’d love to hear your thoughts on making ‘Back to School’ easier!


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