Are Your Decorations Ready This Halloween?

All Hallows’ Eve is almost upon us…so we’ve put together a few DIY, child-friendly, decoration ideas to turn your house into a spooky castle! (They’re also great fun for the kids to make!)

Spooky Pumpkins – Painting pumpkins is perfect for those too little to carve. Use glow in the dark paint to get those scary faces to illuminate through your window! Top tip: Get creative! You can also lay out some feathers, googly eyes and string and see what your child comes up with.

Flying Bats – These are super quick and simple to make and all you need is some black card, googly eyes and paint! As they’re so easy, it won’t take long to make a few so you can spread them in each corner of the house.

Spider Webs – This is not only extremely cheap, but if done correctly, looks amazing! All you need is a bin liner and some scissors! These are great for sticking on windows and doors.

Creepy Spiders – Again, these are very easy for your little one to make. The instructions call for you to spray paint the styrofoam balls, however just to make your life easier, you could simply pick them up at the shop pre-blackened. Top tip: stick these on your Spider Webs for extra creepiness!

Hanging Ghosts – These are the perfect spooky surprise to have hanging in your front garden. They are probably the most time consuming to make, but they’re so worth it!

These are just a few of our spooky decoration ideas, we’d love to hear yours!


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