Are you prepared this half-term?

The half-term is upon us! School’s out and the the kids can’t wait for some time to play, but what about us parents and mothers in particular, who rely on that much needed errand-running time?

Here are just a few ideas to keep your child busy while you get on with your day-to-day jobs –

Arts and Crafts – this is a great way to keep kids’ imagination intact over the half term break. Why not set up a workshop (chuck some old cereal boxes, string, etc. on the kitchen table) and see what they come up with. Pinterest is also full of exciting ideas for them to try out.

Sports Day – it’s easy for children to confine themselves to the indoors, but it is crucial they spend as much time as possible outside. Setting up some outdoor activities or even an obstacle course for children won’t only get them out of your hair for a couple of hours but will give them some much needed exercise which they would usually be getting in P.E. or playtime. Why not invite some of their friends round and give some of those other mummies time off too?

Ready, Steady, Cook – encouraging children to cook has a number of perks. Not only will it teach them about cooking and give parents some quality time with children, but will also lend you a helping hand! NetMumsoffers a range of easy recipes and tips for cooking with kids.

Colour in the Lines – although this seems simple, it is thought that colouring is an effective and calming, focus exercise. You may even want to join in, as colouring books for adults have recently become popular in light of these benefits. The Nick Jr. website is full of printable colouring sheets featuring children’s favourite cartoon characters.

Shop ‘til you Drop – children often dislike shopping, but allowing them to take charge of the shopping list may be an engaging and educational activity. First, allow them to write it out and then read it to you whilst you’re shopping including them in the experience. You may even want to encourage them to add up the prices of the items as you go along, building on their math skills.

Why not try some of these out and see if you can get on with your busy schedule this half-term?

We would love to hear how you keep your kids busy this half-term!


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