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mySircles makes connecting easier. Whether you want to connect with other parents in your child's class at school, connect with parents in the clubs your child is involved with, or you are involved with a club or association where you would like to easily see who's who, without sharing personal contact details - then you are in the right place!

mySircles has been designed to take communication out of email and instead allow schools, PTAs, clubs and associations to push information directly to people's smartphones. Our simple portal allows these organisations to send effective communication through a broadcast system, ensuring that people have appropriate information in a timely manner. To find out how your organisation can get involved, and for access to the mySircles App, get in touch by emailing

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mySircles is looking for forward-thinking schools and PTAs, that want to make it easier for their parents to connect, without sharing parent contact details. To find out how you and your school can get involved, and for access to the mySircles App, get in touch by emailing

Making communication between people easy, without sharing contact details

Information can be broadcast by organisations directly into a class, year, whole school and clubs

Communication can be taken out of email and can be shared in a timely manner

Want to build a stronger community?

If you are a parent, part of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), work at a school or are involved in clubs or associations and would like to know more about how mySircles can help you, please complete this form and we will get in touch with you.

If you are interested in discussing a partnership with us, please click here.

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